Language Lady is situated on the corner of David Draper Road and Beryl Street, at 28 David Draper Road, Bruma, in Johannesburg.

Yes – the Portuguese lessons include a grammar and language awareness component. Grammar and language awareness has its place in the language classroom as learners need to understand and memorise structures for improved and correct communication. At Language Lady, grammar is taught in a way that complements our communicative approach and is seen as a means to achieving only the best results.

Yes – Although the Portuguese lessons offered by Language Lady focus on spoken communication, other linguistic areas such as listening, reading and writing which all have a complementary and supportive role to play in language learning are also developed. Purely conversational classes are not recommended at a beginner level as students don’t have enough language and vocabulary available.

On completion of the Portuguese lessons for adults a student is expected to communicate at a beginner level.

Yes – A learner is expected, at the very least, to go over what was covered in the last lesson. The student should also attempt any homework agreed to in class to be completed at home. Learning a language is about constant exposure to it and continual practice.

Definitely! – While it is true that young learners (children and early teens) are at an advantage over adults, studies show that age is not a deterring factor for learning a new language. A new language can be learnt at any age. Older adults however, may have more difficulty in pronunciation and therefore, need to hone in on their listening skills. Do not worry that your age will affect your chances of learning a new language! Learning a foreign language is fun and there is research to suggest that doing so is beneficial for brain health.

No – There will be no additional costs for materials.

No – A student will be required to complete a series of translations and activities throughout the course period. There will not be a final exam.

At the end of the Portuguese language course learners receive a Certificate of Competence on the successful completion of written and oral assessments conducted at Language Lady. A Certificate of Competence requires at least 80% attendance by the student. Failure to attend 80% of the course will result in no Certificate of Competence being issued.

Should the student not attend a lesson during the group course period, this lesson will be caught up at an extra cost to the student. A fee of R750 pp p/hour is charged for students who attend a catch up lesson. This does not apply to those that have chosen to attend private lessons.

No lessons will take place on a public holiday.

Generally, for group classes, no – If an equivalent course is available in which places are still available then the request will be considered.

A student, who wishes to transfer from one course to another, must apply in writing for permission to do so from Language Lady. Language Lady reserves the right to approve/disapprove the student’s application for the transfer of his/her registration to another course. The transfer can only occur within the academic year of the registration. The student will be liable for an additional payment of the course to which he/she is transferring. A student will be liable for the cost of the course and course material of the original course/registration.

The private classes have been made as flexible as possible. Days and times can vary; subject to teacher availability. The 12 lessons must be completed in a twelve month period from the date of registration.

Yes – Courses are offered throughout the year.

Yes – A student is welcome to pre book his or her place in the classroom by pre-payment. Consider your seat guaranteed once the full course fee has been received.

Secure and safe parking is available at the Language Lady premises.